pre-marital counseling

The dating and engagement period is an exciting time and should be enjoyed. It can also be stressful emotionally, financially, and relationally as choices and major decisions present themselves. Many couples choose to engage in counseling some time during this process to better understand themselves, their partner, and the relationship. It is an opportunity to understand and affirm the strengths of the relationship and to discuss in more depth areas for growth.

Whether you are pursuing counseling on your own or it was recommended by a religious leader, friend, family or the courts, please consider Love and Respect Counseling as you prepare for your future together.

My pre-marital program involves using an assessment that is facilitated by PREPARE-ENRICH, which will be completed online.The results will be reviewed as part of the counseling process.

Communication skills will be examined as we develop an approach that emphasizes mutual understanding and conflict resolution. Specifically we will look at how you as a couple approach one another (softly or aggressively), how you calm down when things escalate, and how you can work towards repair and forgiveness. Also we will discuss family of origin issues along with personality similarities and differences. Other topics for discussion may include spiritual/religious matters, stress, finances and future goals.

Overall, the process is meant to help you as a couple discuss the issues directly with one another during and outside the sessions. Pre-marital counseling is a positive choice and can lead to a richer and more fulfilling dating and engagement period, as well as setting the stage for less stress and misunderstanding, especially in the early days of marriage. There is a much greater potential for creating positivity and goodwill within the relationship long term if these issues are addressed prior to the marriage. 

There is so much hope for a lifetime of friendship!

I would be honored to come alongside you as the journey begins.

Dr. Jonathan Eggerichs

P.S. As mentioned, financial stress is often a part of the dating and engagement period. Special rates are available. Please call for more information.